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Changes to the GISS Land Surface Air Temperature-Based Dataset Have Increased Reported Long-Term Global Warming

May 21, 2016

Watts Up With That?

No surprise there.

But there are also periods when reported shorter-term global warming and global cooling have been decreased.

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

This post discusses changes to a global surface temperature dataset from the Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS) that is based solely on land-surface air temperature data.  We’re going to compare the global surface temperature anomalies from the 1987 Hansen and Lebedeff paper Global Trends of Measured Surface Air Temperature to the current version of the same dataset from GISS, their meteorological station-based data, a.k.a. “dTs”.

Because we’re discussing Hansen and Lebedeff (1987), we’ll also take a look at their analysis of the impacts of the heat island effect on land-based global surface temperature data.

IMPORTANT: While the dTs global surface temperature dataset presented in this post is not the “official” dataset from GISS, the comparisons will provide us with rough idea of…

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