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9 mm/year of sea level rise in South East Florida? Only if you cherry-pick

May 21, 2016

Watts Up With That?

Claims are only possible by cherry-picking the multidecadal oscillation with a short time window

Guest essay by Albert Parker

From the “every trick is legitimate to prove the flood will come” department, another example of cherry picking the short time window to misrepresent the natural oscillations of the sea levels. This time the place where global warming is producing three times higher rates of rise is Southeast Florida. In a paper Wdowinskia, Braya, Kirtmana and Wub [1] they claim “the average rate of sea level rise in Southeast Florida increased from 3 ± 2 mm/yr prior to 2006 to 9 ± 4 mm/yr after 2006”.

The alarmism is obviously mounting, as a recent article from NPR demonstrates. [2]

“Miami Beach is one of the nation’s cities most vulnerable to climate change — and its leaders are doing something about it. The city, a national leader in addressing…

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