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Unadjusted data of long period stations in GISS show a virtually flat century scale trend

May 2, 2015

Beginning to unravel Al Gore’s climate fraud?

Watts Up With That?

Temperature averages of continuously reporting stations from the GISS dataset

Guest post by Michael Palmer, University of Waterloo, Canada

The GISS dataset includes more than 600 stations within the U.S. that have been
in operation continuously throughout the 20th century. This brief report looks at
the average temperatures reported by those stations. The unadjusted data of both
rural and non-rural stations show a virtually flat trend across the century.

The Goddard Institute for Space Studies provides a surface temperature data set that
covers the entire globe, but for long periods of time contains mostly U.S. stations. For
each station, monthly temperature averages are tabulated, in both raw and adjusted

One problem with the calculation of long term averages from such data is the occurrence of discontinuities; most station records contain one or more gaps of one or more months. Such gaps could be due to anything from…

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