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Quote of the week – massive climate FAIL by Mashable’s Andrew Freedman

October 22, 2014

Watts Up With That?

Wow, this is even dumber than Freedman’s story (complete with photoshopped images of airplanes in rising sea water) Quite possibly the dumbest example of ‘Tabloid Climatology’ ever from Climate Central’s Andrew Freedman a couple of years ago, which we rightfully trounced on WUWT for the sheer stupidity of the imagery that somehow, airplanes at LaGuardia would not be able to get out of the way of rising sea levels.

Get a load of this tweet from him today, replete with “conspiracy theory”:

Freedman_FAILGosh, “giant conspiracy”.

Um, Andrew, they all use the same base surface data. The Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) from NOAA’s NCDC.

For example:

NASA_GHCNOr how about:




They all agree because they only have one data source. Therefore, they are NOT independent as you claim.

Andrew, you really need to pull your head out of your ass and stop talking about conspiracy theory…

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