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More pear-shaped trouble for John Cook’s ‘97% consensus’

May 13, 2014

Watts Up With That?

Readers may recall the post John Cook’s 97% consensus claim is about to go ‘pear-shaped’. This is an update to that, in two parts. First is the introduction, and the second part is a backstory on Cook’s hidden data, the data he didn’t want to share.

Brandon Shollenberger writes:

Introduction for the Upcoming TCP Release

As you may have heard, I recently came into possession of previously undisclosed material for a 2013 paper by John Cook and others of Skeptical Science. The paper claimed to find the consensus on global warming is 97%.

That number was reached by having a group of people read abstracts (summaries) of ~12,000 scientific papers then say which endorse or reject the consensus. Each abstract was rated twice, and some had a third rater come in as a tie-break. The total number of ratings was 26,848. These ratings were done by 24 people…

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