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There Is No Shortage of Stuff

April 28, 2014

Musings from the Chiefio

Functionally Unlimited Resources Exist

The worry is often put forward that we are going to run out of resources. That as population increases we just MUST run out of stuff. In this article I will be presenting a selection of examples of why this is not so. Please remember that this is far from a complete list. I have left out more resources and technologies than I’ve put in the article. These are just a sample sufficient to prove the thesis, the others were left out not due to lack of merit, but due to lack of space.

S shaped or Exponential?

This is sometimes accompanied by the dire predictions of exponential growth of population and the inevitability of an exponential rising of population to near infinity in very short order. Ignoring the “Four Horsemen” (famine, plague, pestilence, war – and hoping we can avoid that solution), the “running out” thesis has significant problems…

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