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There is no energy shortage

April 28, 2014

Musings from the Chiefio

US Energy Flows in Quadrillion BTUs

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A couple of notes about this chart. First, notice how the U.S.A. lives on fossil fuels. Yes, there is about 12% or so of non-fossil at the top (but most of that is nuclear).

A key “takeaway” here is that to convert our economy to renewable energy sources means to substantially replace the entire energy system of the country. Trillions of dollars and decades of time.

Look again at that tiny “Biomass, other” line at the top. That is what would need to be expanded to be as large as the coal, oil, and natural gas lines combined. The compound rate of growth required to do that in any reasonable time period would be staggering. It just won’t happen.

Finally, take a look at the transportation bar in the lower right. Transportation is substantially driven by oil (and oil goes substantially into transportation).

To eliminate gasoline, Diesel…

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