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Weather Before and After the Hurricane of 1938

September 21, 2013

Watts Up With That?

This week New England is being inundated with retrospectives on the Hurricane of 1938. We have everything from a “Special Limited Edition” Weather Map Prepared by Bob Copeland, a retired Boston TV meteorologist who started an art studio in New Hampshire to a day long commemorative event hosted by the Blue Hill Observatory and featuring the Director of the National Weather Service, Dr. Louis Uccillini, National Hurricane Center Director, Dr. Rick Knabb, and MIT Professor Dr. Kerry Emanuel.

The main NH TV station hosted three programs around the state. I have no idea what else Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are doing, but I’m sure it’s substantial.

In brief, the storm’s damage summary from Boston NWS Office is:

Public Impact:   Deaths: 564   Injured: > 1,700
Boating Impact:  Destroyed: 2,600   Damaged: 3,300
Homes/Buildings  Destroyed: 8,900   Damaged: > 15,000

If the storm hit now, damage could be $45 billion.  If it followed…

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