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The Sierra Club’s Violent, Totalitarian Tendencies

June 27, 2013

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis

Truth squads. Pushing “bitter pills” down other people’s throat. Democracy’s new enemies are green.

Richard ‘Rick’ Nunno is a member of the Executive Committee of the Washington, D.C. chapter of the Sierra Club. He’s also the editor of the Capital Sierran newsletter.

Recently he has helped organize “Truth Squad” letter-writing campaigns. The Sierra Club, you see, doesn’t merely think it’s entitled to be heard. It believes there’s only one acceptable perspective.

Alternative points-of-view are therefore “false and misleading” and must be countered by Sierra Club members. Whether those who attend Sierra Club training sessions are coached to pose as ordinary citizens when they sign their letters-to-the-editor is unclear.

So what kind of world would we now inhabit if Nunno were in charge? One in which democracy was a distant memory.

In democracies, authority rests with ordinary people. We elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. It is…

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