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How environmentalism turned to the dark side.

June 3, 2013


Over the best part of the last two decades, the twin delusions that we’re destroying the planet and that we have to completely restructure civilisation to somehow save it, have taken root and gripped the popular psyche of the West.

The first notion had its origins in the early seventies, when people finally recognised and began organised protests against the reckless and all too visible pollution of the environment by various industrial businesses. It was then that nearly all the big environmental organisations of today came into being. In the following decades, the environmental movement mutated drastically. It became something that was no longer simply about cherishing and being a good steward of nature, but about saving the very planet, by the imposition of oppressive social change and what amounted to the deindustrialisation of the developed world.

How did this change come about? The answer, as so often happens, is in the history…

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