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Climategate 2 – yes, they’ve been lying to you.

June 3, 2013


You’re appalled, you’re outraged, you’re stunned and you’re angry about the whole climategate emails thing.

And now you’re most likely out here in the blogosphere because the mainstream media in the country you live in is either not mentioning them at all or have relegated it to a small-print footnote at the bottom of page ninety-nine, with a blatant propaganda spin that would be an egregious insult to the intelligence of a retarded chimp with a lot of other things on its mind.

Yes, the emails are genuine. Yes, they were making it up all along. Yes, you believed them. Yes, they betrayed your trust. Yes, they betrayed science. Yes, they betrayed their own integrity. Yes, there is a news blackout on it. Yes, yes and yes again. Yes to the whole damn lot.

Welcome to the resistance, the underground, the outcasts, the Maquis, the holdouts, the last best hope, Fort…

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