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Do 97% of experts agree with the IPCC that human CO2 emissions are causing dangerous global warming?

February 20, 2013

Here is a nice debunking of yet another climate lie:

The 97% claim comes from an article by Peter T. Doran about a survey by Margaret R. K. Zimmerman of 10,257 Earth Scientists, of whom 3146 responded. (A subsequent paper by Wm Anderegg claims the same conclusion, through an equally-flawed methodology.)

The 97% claim is based on the answers to just two questions, both of which were so uncontroversial that even I, and most other climate change skeptics, would answer “yes” to them.

Worse yet, 97.5% of those who responded were excluded after their responses were received. Of 3146 responses received, only 79 responses were considered for one question, and only 77 for the other.

Read the whole story

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