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Coal Export Information Meeting

December 7, 2012

We attended the December 6, 2012 “DEQ Dept of Environmental Quality Information Meeting on Proposed Ambre Energy/Morrow Pacific Coal Export Project”.

The large auditorium in Portland’s Ambridge Event Center, was standing room only, with about 500 people. Most were wearing red T shirts saying “beyond coal exports” and “”, a Sierra Club operation. Many people were bussed in from other areas, predominately by the Sierra Club.

There were two parts to the meeting. First audience questions were answered, then statements were given by members of the public. The statements were mostly from a standard jitney of alarmist talking points: climate change; air pollution from locomotives; water Pollution from coal dust, public safety delay for emergency vehicles at grade crossings, economic disruption of  existing rail traffic, noise pollution from trains and the planet needs saving.  (Funny no one mentioned noise pollution from all those wind mills.)

Surprisingly after giving the below input, three or four people actually talked to us with honest questions and no one hassled us afterwards.

We gave the following input:

What is our responsibility to our fellow human beings?

Do we want to see millions of people continue to die from breathing indoor smoke from burning dung to cook food?  Wouldn’t they be better off with electricity?

Do we want to continue to see third world people strip forests for fire wood?   Wouldn’t they be better off with electricity?

Do we want to see people continue to die from third world poverty?

Or, do we want to help people lift themselves out of poverty?

Sadly, many people want people to remain in poverty by denying them the key element of getting out of poverty – low cost energy.  These people oppose coal and natural gas.

Instead they pretend that high cost, ineffective,  energy such as wind and solar can do the job. People who cannot afford to feed their family cannot afford solar or wind energy. Even if they could afford it, wind and solar are simply incapable of powering a modern society. They are  utter failures in Europe, where they are now being scaled back.

Sadly they base this utter disregard for people’s well being is based on the greatest scientific fraud of all times – Mann made climate change.

Has anyone here seen actual evidence that CO2 causes global warming?
Before you say yes, consider these facts:

Previous times, such as the Minoan, Egyptian, Roman and Medieval Warm Periods, have been warmer than the present with lower CO2 levels.
How can it be that CO2 is causing our current warm period, but did not cause the earlier warm periods.
There has been more extreme  weather in the past – worse hurricanes, worse droughts, more tornadoes. There was even less Arctic ice when the Vikings colonized Greenland.
The recent climate is well withing historical norms,
Nature emits the vast majority of CO2, man only around 5%
CO2 follows temperature in AL Gore’s ice cores and

—- we ran out of time to go on with the below (some of which was written to respond to claims head during public input ——
Al Gore’s famous temperature chart has been proven to be a fraud.

The Earth’s temperature has been basically flat for ten years and statistically unchanged for 16 years.

Obscene profits are being made by Al Gore and by scientists raking in research grants for their institutions.

The Sierra Club is a multimillion, multinational corporation.

As to the name of the campaign, “Beyond coal”, there is also a companion page on the Sierra Club web site titled “Beyond Natural Gas”. The truth is that there is no viable  energy source beyond coal and natural gas (except nuclear which is”off the table”) . They are not 24/7 and thus require duplication of their capacity with conventional plants. These plants hae to be kept idling so that they can come on line quickly when the wind dies, or a cloud goes by.

Europe is facing these unpleasant truths by cutting back on both solar and wind.

Someone mentioned ocean acidification. That term shows their scientific ignorance as the ocean is solid alkaline. The amount of reduced alkalinity is within historical changes and within the natural ranges found around the world.

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