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An Insight on Totalarism

September 26, 2012

I found this very believable explanation of how ordinary people lived under Hitler in the comments section of a post on Joanna Nova’s site. Very scary how easily such things can slip by most people. Just like the climate fraud is mostly unnoticed.


Rereke Whakaaro

August 27, 2012 at 9:19 pm · Reply

I attended a function in Auckland, quite a while ago, where one of the guests for dinner was a German lady, then in her late eighties or early nineties.

One of the other guests asked her if she had been in Germany during the war. “Oh yes”, she replied, “I was born in 1920, and was thirteen when Hitler came to power.” “What did you, as a German, think of the war”? One of the women guests asked. “Well we didn’t think much about it at all, at least not in the beginning,” she answered, “Of course there were lots of extra troops around, before the war started, and lots of parties to be invited to, with good bands and lots of wine, and things like that.” “So you quite liked the blond SS Officers in their black uniforms?’ I asked. “Oh, we thought they were gods,” she replied, “So tall and handsome, and such good dancers”.

Another guest then asked her about the persecution of the Jews, and Kristallnacht. She said that they didn’t know much about it at all, except what was in the newspapers, and that it was all caused by the communists. So I said, “Surely you would have known about the rounding up and deportment of the Jews?”, to which she replied, “Well of course we know now that it happened, but there was nothing in the newspapers about it, at the time, and all we knew was that some of the Jewish businesses had shut down, or had been taken over by German managers, and the the Jews had moved somewhere else. We didn’t really think about it at all,, we were more concerned with which or our blond gods we would dance with, and perhaps get to know a little better?’

I later apologised for asking an indelicate question over dinner, and she said, “Don’t worry. You think that I and my friends haven’t thought about it all these years?” “Of course we have, but at the time the war really meant very little to us.” “It only became real once the Allied bombing started, and that was only in the industrial areas, at first.” “I was lucky, and got evacuated out of the city, so even then, the war was somewhere else.”

I believed her when she said that she and her friends knew nothing about the Jewish Concentration Camps. There was so much propaganda sloshing around in Germany at the time, that it would have been impossible for anybody reliant on the newspaper or radio for their information to have known much different.

We must never allow any Government to hold a monopoly on information content or opinion. If it happened in Germany in the 1930′s and 40′s, it could happen in any country, at any time, including Australia.

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