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How the CRU Lost Its Way

August 1, 2012
Reposted from a comment on Watts Up With That  Related:  Dr. Judith Curry
Tim Ball says:
June 24, 2012 at 11:51 am

I had the privilege of Professor Lamb’s assistance while working on my doctoral thesis. I visited with him at the CRU and we discussed many topics besides the thesis. We discussed the serious lack of data and the need for long climate data reconstructions, which, as he explained in his autobiography was the main purpose of establishing the CRU.

“When the Climatic Research Unit was founded it was clear that the first and greatest need was to establish the facts of the past record of the natural climate in times before any side effects of human activities could well be important.”  Page 203.

He writes about hiring Tom Wigley and identifies a conflict almost from the start. “The research project I put forward to the Rockefeller Foundation was awarded a handsome grant, but it sadly came to grief over an understandable difference of scientific judgment between me and the scientists, Dr. Tom Wigley.” Page 204.

Finally, he identifies the shift, that in my opinion led to the debacle that was exposed in the leaked emails and other places.

“Since my retirement from the directorship of the Climatic Research unit there have been changes there and in the direction of my own efforts. My immediate successor, Professor Tom Wigley, was chiefly interested in the prospect of world climates being changed as result of human activities, primarily through the burning of wood, coal, oil and gas reserves…” “”After only a few years almost all the work on historical reconstruction of past climate and weather situations, which had first made the Unit well known, was abandoned.” Page 249.

Volume 2 is major piece of evidence in my argument that climatology has advanced very little since establishment of the IPCC.

There is even less data now than when Lamb stepped down. Records have been abandoned, expurgated, modified and raw data lost or modified without explanation. As a result, computer models, that became the centre of climatology, are built on virtually nothing. I watched this ascendancy and it has been an unmitigated disaster. Lamb was right in his original objective and his wider understanding to climatology.

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