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CRC’s space problem

July 18, 2012

Thompson Metal Fab has sued the two federal agencies sponsoring the bridge and appears to be asking that the new bridge be as high as the clearance with the lift of the current bridge fully up.

Here is CRC’s problem: The “Pearson field Departure Surface”, the red line – the bridge is NOT supposed to go above that line. (Well, maybe just a little is OK.)

Now picture raising the bridge (thick curved line) to the bottom of the raised lift span on the “Existing Interstate Bridge” to get 179 ft clearance. Worse yet, to get the bottom of the bridge 179 ft above the “CRD”, the top surface of the bridge will be higher plus lamp poles, signs and vehicle height, perhaps another 30 ft! That is not just a little.

Now it is well above even the higher “Pearson Field, Approach surface” black line. And not just a thin tower a few tens of feet wide, but a big part of the bridge.

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