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Why Solar & Wind Energy Research Will Likely Be a Total Waste

November 27, 2011

Recent improved extraction techniques have dramatically increased the supply of natural gas and oil all over the world. Some people are even talking of America becoming totally free of reliance on oil imports.

Running out of fossil fuels is now so far in the future, that our worrying about it now is like deciding to build a modern, rapid, economical communication system before the discovery of electricity. Or building a fast efficient transportation network before heat engines (steam, gas, diesel).

Yeah, it can be done in a clumsy manner, but it will not be the foundation of a real solution and utterly useless in the long term. Advances in semiphores and horses were not a foundation for advancing man’s progress and are utterly useless in today’s world.  They were not the foundation of modern solutions based on electricity and heat engines.

We can expect the same with today’s popular renewables: any technical advances will turn out to be utterly useless in the long term because we have over 100 years before they will be needed and over that time, there is no reason to believe we will have any desire to collect such diffused energy.

The only possible need for wind and solar in the long tern will be if the greens succeed in shutting down industrialized society with their crackpot theories.

PS: If anyone wants to bring up CO2 emissions, please start by proving that man’s real world CO2 emissions in the real atmosphere is causing dangerous warming. (Please no references to greenie propaganda like the IPCC reports which have large inputs from the WWF etc.)

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