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Peak Oil cured by Overpopulation!

November 20, 2011

One often hears that the world is running out of resources. Examples include “peak oil” and the “population explosion” and,  so dear to planners, “running out of farmland.”

One blog recently posted excerpts from five books that pretty much show why the limits to growth concept has been so badly wrong and is likely to remain wrong.

1) Natural resources are not as limited as experts have believed (Daniel Yergin) .

2) Natural resource consumption leads to more, not less resources (Mark Mills/Peter Huber).

3) Natural resources aren’t “natural”–they are the result of human ingenuity (Robert Bradley) .

4) Non-renewable, finite, depletable energy sources made economic growth sustainable (Matt Ridley).

5) Brilliant resource economist Julian Simon’s The Ultimate Resource 2 adds to these points, particular to Robert Bradley’s point. Simon argues that the ultimate resource isn’t energy–it’s mankind.
(List reformatted from


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