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The City of Beaverton is Being Dishonest

October 31, 2011

Guest Opinion:  The city could not be more dishonest about their urban renewal plan.

They’ve even lied on the ballot telling voters it is free.

If they were honest they would be pursuing a new bond measure or levy to pay for this plan instead of telling the public it will pay for itself while taking money from basic services like schools, social services, police and fire departments.

They are deliberately misleading the voters to have them vote with a false impression the plan pays for itself. It does not.

The measure falsely claims the funding will come from the UR projects and investments. It will not.

The plan documents show that  3 out of every 4 dollars to pay the $150 million debt and interest will come from the normal growth without any UR.
That’s millions from essential services that must be replaced to keep pace with rising costs.

Taking millions from services will require new fees, new taxes and service cuts.  This isn’t opinion. It’s math.

So little about the plan actually generates new property tax revenue that it is nothing but another UR scam that will spend millions on developers expanding the failed Round while trying to make Light Rail a centerpiece for Beaverton.
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Beaverton Friend

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