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Portland’s Light rail is About Adding High Density, not transit

October 8, 2011

Charlie Hales, Portland City Commissioner: “Often, not always, often, light rail or streetcar push  the community in a development direction that  we want to go and buses don’t seem to add much momentum to that change.  (Northwest Illustrated, KOIN-TV, Oct 7, 2001.)

Mike Burton, Portland’s Metro Executive Officer: (Referring to the Interstate Ave. light rail line): ”the opportunity to develop along that line is just absolutely incredible” (Emphasis added, Northwest Illustrated, KOIN-TV, Oct 7, 2001.)

Sam Adams, Portland commissioner (now Mayor):  “I believe we should plan to accommodate our share of projected regional growth … 300,000 more Portlanderswithin ¼ mile of all existing and to-be-planned streetcar and light rail transit stops … Because it will simultaneously encourage responsible, transit-supportive development. What would Portland look like  .. it would look a lot like Portland circa 1920 – a time when the main means of motion were your feet, streetcars and bikes.”     (City Club Speech July 20, 2007)

From a publication of the Portland Development Commission: “Develpoment Oriented Transit”: Development oriented transit supports improved livability for high density environments that support public goals for urban containment, sustainable living and reduced dependence on an automobile . But higher density development does not always mean a more “livable” community . In the case of development near Streetcar; however, the package includes parallel public and private efforts.
(emphasis added,, page 5)

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